Apartment Design

Apartment design

Traditionally, an apartment design projection starts with selection of a preferable color palette. Particularly, it is not recommended to choose bright wall colors. Variegated or big patterns are not desirable as well: saturated elements may tire and disturb inhabitants.

There is a number of color usage principles, used by the Art Group designers:

  • monochrome color solutions create calm atmosphere and are commonly chosen for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • multicolored color combinations imply a complex of three and more shades, these options bring positive accents and freshness to a space.
  • polar colors variation combine contrasting shades for an impressive and ambitious interior look.

Lighting is another crucial component of a successful apartment interior project. It is important to analyze wiring system and power distribution in order to provide sufficient lighting resources and maximum comfort. The Art Group designers use diversified lighting tools: modern durable equipment, economic electricity systems, spot lights, diffused and ambient lighting. Lighting equipment is chosen according to room functions: relaxation, concentration, cooking or playing.

Apartment furnishing needs to be multi-functional due to a limited space. Today construction markets are ready to offer transformer furniture pieces, adjustable and moving constructions. However, such furnishing elements as a bed, a dining table and a living room sofa are recommended to keep solid, massive and noble for creation of a hearty and inspiring design effect.

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