Five Crucial Driving Tips for the Roads of Dubai

If you don't have the practice to drive on a fast and busy lane, you might end up in trouble while driving in Dubai. You must stay composed and calm while people are rushing their vehicles. There are several laws which you cannot break as the fines are quite high. Here are a few important tips you must follow when you sit behind the wheels on the roads of Dubai.

1. Check Out the Distance Between Cars

The Dubai roads are famous for crashes. Whether you own a personal vehicle or you opt for cheap car rental Deira Dubai has to offer, you must take care of yourself on the roads of this city. There are several people who don't give importance to the distance between the cars. You must avoid such drivers on the road. Your car must be 3-4 seconds behind the other vehicle. This way you can easily adjust a safe speed. You can decide to let others fit in this space or drive on a specific rate. It is illegal to glare at someone while driving so make sure you keep a safe distance and follow all the rules.

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2. Changing the Lane

Even though it is not allowed to rush in between cars, you have to be careful about this happening all the time. People tend to do so a lot and you don’t want to bear the consequences of mistakes done by someone else. You should use all the mirrors and check out the spots and distance before changing your lane.

3. Have a Clear Vision

If you have tinted or dark glass windows, you will not be able to see clearly during the night. There are several people who do not turn on their lights as they think that they can see the road. However, turning on the lights help other drivers on the road to keep a safe distance. You must turn on your lights at night and beware of drivers who are in a rush.

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4. Check the Speed

You will drive among SUVs, luxury vehicles, and giant cars. Such vehicles like to speed up when on the road. However, speed cameras have lowered the ration of such vehicles on the roads of Dubai. You might find a person who is still reckless; stay out of the way of such a person and let the car overtake you.

5. Avoid Flashing the Lights

It is not a good thing to keep flashing the lights. It means the other person must leave the track or get out of the way. You must check your rear mirror to see if the police car is doing this to give the way out. However, if it is some speed freak stay calm and keep driving on a safe pace.

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