Is Booking a Rental Car in Advance the Cheaper Option?

Imagine you have just alighted from your flight and you have your luggage and the next thing you are doing is trying to flag taxis to stop? And no one seems to care because they already have a client, or they are going to pick one. Then you decide to take a shuttle to the nearest car rental offices. On your arrival at the counter, you realize your preferred car is unavailable. When you think of going to another car rental, you cannot stand taking another taxi or taxi. So, you decide to take what is available, but on looking at the rates, they are not anything you expected. Confusion sets in to avoid all these challenges, here are the reasons you should book now before starting your trip or holiday.

Booking a Rental Car

You Choose Your Preferred Model

When you book at the counter, you pick what is available. If the car rental you choose does not have a lot of varieties, you may have to bear the brunt of a car you never wanted. It can’t get worse than when you have to opt for a car that does not show your brand identity for a business trip. Advance booking gives you a chance to scroll several providers who have a perfect fit for your preferred model.

It is Cheaper

Most companies offer discounts for advance booking. You can take advantage of the offers to cut on your expenses during your trip. After all, we are after a cheap car hire Dubai UAE. You will also have the chance to compare the prices of various providers before renting. Also, early booking helps you to plan for complementary services like insurance.


You will not have to hull your luggage as you flag any vehicle that comes your way to take you to the car rental offices. You can take your ride at the airport, which of course comes at a premium. Else, you could take a taxi or shuttle to the nearest location where your car rental company will pick you. That will save you the hustle and bustle of trying to get a car rental when you are tired.

Convenience Car Rental

Cancel Anytime

Worried if you cancel your trip? Most companies give a grace period to cancel the booking either at a small fee or free. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying for a holiday that never was. If you reserve a car and it is not available on your arrival (which rarely happens), you have the option to cancel or take another car at a discount.

No Price Variations

The rates of car rental keep increasing especially during holidays. When you make an advance booking, you will not incur an extra cost at the counter when picking your car; unless there was a service you forgot. Therefore, the option is ideal when you want to dodge the high prices of holiday seasons because of the high demand.

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