Overview and Specialties of Apartments

Long Stay Hotel Apartments in DubaiServiced or long stay hotel apartments Dubai are furnished apartments intended to give you with the required comfort even in the most affordable rate as compared to any hotel. People often opt to rent such facilities for a relatively long time and make relatively less payment for staying for the same period in any hotel.

Another prime benefit associated with staying in any apartment rather than hotel is that it gives relatively higher level of privacy and availability of space. Reason for this is that people often cook in such apartments and thereby, get opportunity to save big amount of money without any need to eat in big restaurants.

Types of Service/Long Stay Apartments

Until now, you will find the following major types of long stay hotel apartments while you choose to travel in Dubai.

Apartment Hotels

Apartment hotels are of extended type of stay hotel facilities and they provide you with round-the-clock reception facilities and intend to create an impression of a home away from your home in front of the guests. These hotels are usually available in city centers and staying in those hotels or accommodation facilities let us to get the feeling of staying in the hotel with every possible comfort of our home.

Frasers HospitalityEven few apartments of this type are available as single room studios, where you will have only one room to serve as both sleeping and living areas. Even the facilities have a separate bathroom and a kitchenette. In addition, some of the apartments have two or three bedrooms combined with a living room and separate bedrooms, along with more numbers of bathrooms in some cases. Majority of apart-hotels do not have any restaurant or bar facility, as people may cook in the apartments.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing type of long stay apartments are available for rent on a short-term basis i.e. for about 30 days and provide telephone services, cleaning services, TV and other essential installed services and amenities. You may find these apartments not only in city centers, but also in other areas with easy access to cities’ business areas. Each of the service apartments come as fully equipped and fully furnished with different types of facilities, which people often opt to have in their residences. Other than this, few of the comfortable and luxurious corporate housing facilities provide additional space for work, as they remain separated from living areas.

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