Three Exotic Themes for Your Superyacht Party

What good is a superyacht when you cannot throw a themed party while onboard and outrun yourself like a teenager. Irrespective of whether it is an evening soiree or sun-soaked daytime activity, you will have numerous choices when it comes to the theme of the party. Why you even opt for a themed party? A themed party is not all just fancy costumes and extravagant decorations; it will help to turn your luxury cruise into an exuberant red-carpet affair. So, when you rent a yacht, and it’s time to layout the theme for an exotic superyacht party, the following should guide you in your choice.

Superyacht Party

Pirate Palooza

It is one of the most stipulated fun games to be on the list of any yacht activity. It is played by the crew drawing a map for a treasure hunt and hiding the chart on a beach; the layout has to look authentic. So early in the morning, the plan is hidden, and the kids are set out to find the map, which will lead them to the hidden treasure chest. The next phase is where the deckhands dress as pirates and try to invade the ship to steal the treasure. The theme is quirky, and the entire activity is fun, to say the least.

Greek Night

The ancient Greek lifestyle comes to life with a costume party of the great foundation of civilization. Decorations for the theme are simple enough; all you need is wrapped up linen with some fancy gold leaf creation and a belt. The belt, in this case, is a rope and a matching hierarchy podium to represent your title. Greek food is served in plenty as the food on the menu includes dishes, including spanakopita and moussaka. Also, included in the theme would be Greek background music to provide a higher level of authenticity to the event. At nightfall, the day could end with a Greek movie night.

Greek Night On Yacht

Japanese Day

It is not every day you assemble the family for an eastern affair of Japanese delicacies. This day works best with an array of rainbow and ancient dragon rolls with sushi standing out, especially when you can have it fresh. The day has to be relaxed with some beverages from the traditional flask and teapots as you enjoy the charismatic Japanese culture. The fun is at its peak by having a mini-sumo contest. Wrapping the kids in pillows and watch them do it like in the movies or as well be creative.

To pull-off, a theme-based luxury yacht rental party, reach out to a luxury charter company such as Seven Yachts. Such companies have an expansive fleet of rental yachts that can perfectly suit your needs.

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