Catering Interiors

At Art Group we believe that catering interiors need to differ according to business specifics and type of provided food&beverage services.

Restaurant designCoffee Shop

A coffee shop is a place for having a drink and a snack, a friendly chat and quick meals. And so, a luxury design is barely appropriated in such business concept, as people do not spend much time in cafeterias: they come in and leave quickly. As a rule, coffee shop owners work at a high seats turnover: usually customers walk in without careful planning of their visit. At this point, the most important design elements will be soft and comfortable sofas, cozy warm color palette, textile abundance and soft daylight.


A restaurant is traditionally visited on weekends, a visit is planned in advance. People invite their business partners and dates for multi-course lunches or dinners. A restaurant interior needs to be capturing, so a customer spends much time inside a place, ordering another drink and enjoying an atmosphere. Art Group is ready to offer various splendid design projects, supplemented by creative details, rich decoration and luxurious furnishing. Restaurant customers appreciate creative design ideas, superior finery and comfort.


A bar is a place for having a good time with friends, communication and new acquaintances. The most important function of a bar interior design is creation of a warm, relaxing, communicative and fun atmosphere. A close attention needs to be paid to an actual bar area: a counter, chairs and equipment, which need to be comfortable for big parties and single clients. Different bar zones can be balanced and corrected, providing diversified space functions to a bar.

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