Hotel Interiors

Hotel interiors

Hospitality business is based on service quality and interior design concepts. In this context every hotel owner understands that a hotel design is the first factor, which influences customer perception and decision on buying a hotel service or rejecting it. Nowadays hospitable tendencies suggest contemporary and innovative design concepts, which will be able to capture a potential customer attention.

It is recommended for an interior to comply with an exterior and website design. Reception area creates the first impression about a hotel. At the reception a potential customer makes a decision on staying at this place or looking for something more suitable. Creative design of a reception zone inspires to explore more halls and rooms of a place. However, such enthusiasm needs to be supported by an actual rooms exclusiveness, in order to keep customers as your regular clients. The Art Group designers have a solid experience in development of eclectic, classic, hi-tech and modernistic hotel interiors. It is acceptable to combine opposite style solutions in different rooms, so any customer can find an appropriate option. The same design tool is applicable to hotel cafes and restaurants, where diversity is better than monotone.

Professional design and architectural approach allows to combine creativity, functionality and comfort in one space. Our designers will suggest a few comprehensive sketch options, including furnishing, finishing, decorative elements arrangement and equipment placement. According to a preferable sketch, a 3D visualization model will be composed.   

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