House Design

House design

Comfort, coziness and harmony are the Art Design Group priorities in house interiors development. We recommend our customers to apply for an interior design services in advance, before construction works. Interior design of a modern house requires a careful functional preparation work. Every house room, including non-residential areas, as laundry, lofts and bathrooms are the parts of an overall architectural composition. Art Design Group is specialized in accurate, thoughtful, functional and ergonomic house interior options.

House design development implies generating of a common design concept and its further implementation in every house room. A concept is developed according to lighting, location and neighborhood stylistics.

A separate dwelling unit provides numerous design opportunities: staircases, stages, pools, pavilions, gazebos, guest houses, garages and so on. Space zonation can be also modified according to rooms insolation, functional purposes, windows and doors placement, shapes and footage. The Art Group architects will only be limited by a project budget and customer preferences.

An approved design project is an instruction for finishing materials selection. Wood and stone are very popular among house owners: they are environmental friendly, durable and stylish. Today's market offers various options of wooden and stone furnishing, accessories and decorative finishing elements.  

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