Office Design

Office design

Office interior design implies a number of projection principles, such as an aesthetic perception of a workspace, motivational atmosphere, comfort and reflection of a given business direction. Art Group develops office interiors according to two concepts: a confined or open space. According to the first concept a workspace structure includes halls, corridors and blank partitions. Such layouts are typical for state institutions and head-quarters.

An open space office style was taken over by the Art Group designers from their European colleagues. It is the embodiment of democratic approach to a management activity. In this case, functional division is introduced into a space structure. There are a few contemporary tools, which make a relative privacy possible: mobile and stationary partitions, podiums, stages, a multi-level ceiling design and lighting. An open space principle provides number of management advantages: simplicity of personnel supervision, communicative efficiency, reduction of maintenance expenses. An alternative to the mentioned concepts is their combination, which is implemented for using advantages of an open and confined concepts.

Dominant interior colors affect personnel mood and productivity. Green shades relax and calm, and so they are widely used in clients' area. Blue stimulates, yellow and orange develop creativity and activate imagination, brown increases concentration and efficiency.

The Art Group designers will offer the most preferable office design options according to owner requirements, using their experience and professional skills.

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