Art Group Services

Architectural project development

Architectural project is a documentation package, which includes a comprehensive engineering description of a project. It is drawn up according to a number of requirements, such as social, functional, economical, technical, fire-prevention.

From 60 USD m2

Construction calculation

Construction calculation implies a site visit, an object evaluation, work quantity estimation, defects inventory, optimization of a budget, preparation of an acceptance certificate.

From 65 USD m2

Land surveying

Land surveying is conducted in order to develop solutions, concerning topography, facade works, staging, architectural projection and engineering drafting.

From 60 USD m2

Interior design development

A design project includes a number of technical documents: a measurement plan, a 3D visualization model, a layout draft, a partitions construction scheme, elevation views of ceiling, walls and floor, a decoration and furniture placement plan.

From 70 USD m2


A decoration process implies particular stages: accurate measurement, textile and accessory selection, floral design, finishing materials arrangement.

From 50 USD m2

Designer supervision

A designer supervision service implies periodical site visits and formulation of designer recommendations on construction works, decoration, project compilation with an approved 3D model. The service guarantees an accurate project execution and its full correspondence with customer requirements.

From 50 USD m2

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